Teton Entrpreneurs and Mentors Service (TEAMS)


Silicon Couloir's TEAMS, based on the MIT VMS model, connects experienced entrepreneurs and high-level executives with non-tourism oriented business owners and entrepreneurs. The program aims to align entrepreneurship with community vision. We believe that structured, unbiased, ongoing, and direct personal support of local business owners is key to their long-term success. 

The Silicon Couloir team attended immersive training with MIT VMS at the end of September. All were impressed with the high-caliber method presented, which has been refined with years of practice.

Silicon Couloir believes that the VMS model of mentoring will be an important compliment to our current offerings, and will fill a need in the community's effort to nurture local entrepreneurs.

A small pilot mentoring program featuring targeted mentors and mentees will be launched in March, 2018, with the goal of implementing a full mentoring program in mid 2018.

Please click here for mentor application.