“I wanted to start a business but didn’t know enough information to do it on my own. SUI is a brilliant, well thought out program that makes it possible to see, analyze, solve and act in a constructive manner.”

“I can not imagine a better program. It is impressive. It has a clear goal and meets it.”

“This program saved me so much spinning my wheels. It’s like night and day in terms of how far I’ve come. I’ve told many people that it’s a MUST for anyone who wants to start a business”

“Very strong program….I would take it again. Even if I know the things taught, the structure, feedback and community are invaluable.”

“Without question an incredible experience especially in such a short time frame. Incredible range of (outside) speakers – one of the highlights of class.”

“I really feel like I’m walking away with such a great foundation for my business. I also love the community and connections that I have found here.”

“Thanks so much!! This class was a huge gift to me!”