Pitch Day


Thursday, August 9th, 2018 from 4-7 PM


Location: Center for the Arts



Pitch Day exists to empower and inspire members of the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem. This free annual event at the Center for the Arts in Jackson, Wyoming, features a handful of local entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to a panel of experienced investors, and a general audience of over 200 people. This event supports the need for local start-up, and early stage, entrepreneurs to take their ideas to the next level, and gain valuable experience from the effort.

Selected entrepreneurs will have three coaching sessions with a team of successful entrepreneurs and business operators leading up to the main event. Coaching is a critical feature of the program, as it helps entrepreneurs understand and highlight insights and information investors need to evaluate a deal.

Additionally, this event encourages audience members who may need the inspiration (of seeing their peers present) to take the next step toward bringing their own entrepreneurial dreams to fruition. In order to strengthen our community, Silicon Couloir seeks to empower and inspire local entrepreneurs to build long lasting businesses that provide meaningful career opportunities for members of our community.

Pitch Day empowers entrepreneurs who are already on their way to growing sustainable businesses by offering a platform to gain experience, and feedback, that will help hone their ideas. Plus, Pitch Day inspires others in the audience to begin their own journey. When local businesses grow, our community is strengthened by meaningful job creation. Additionally, our community become stronger when more experienced members of our entrepreneurial community contribute their knowledge to help others along their entrepreneurial path. When we help one another, our community becomes more connected and stronger.


After each presenting company gives their 8 minute/8 slides pitch, our panel of judges will spend 10 minutes questioning the entrepreneurs on their business model. Once all 6 companies have presented, the panel will award prizes to the overall winner, and first runner up based on: strength/scalability of business idea, strength of presentation, likelihood of succeeding, likelihood of getting funded, “special sauce” factor. Additionally, the live audience will be given the opportunity to vote for their winner through real time text message voting.

Applications for 2018 Pitch Day Now Being Accepted


Applications are due by 9 am, Wednesday, May 30th.

To apply, please submit an investor deck of no more than 8 pages (NO EXCEPTIONS) Please email applications to hello@siliconcouloir.com.


A good deck should include the following (not necessarily in this order):

  • Cover Page – with company name and contact info

  • Problem you are solving

  • Your solution to this problem

  • Market size

  • Business model

  • Competition to your business

  • Company team

  • Financial projections or milestones

Due to general solicitation securities rules, we ask that you not end the pitch with an investor ask.

Eligible candidates will be called in to give an 8 minute presentation to the selection committee in early June.  Decisions will be made by no later than June 18. Between selection and the actual event, finalists will have three in-person coaching sessions (and addition video or conference calls as recommended by the coaching team). Entrepreneurs and Ventures from Teton County, Wyoming and Idaho, Sublette County, and Lincoln County are welcome to apply.


2017 Pitch Day Presenters:

Sarah Jorgenson: Bella Donna (Women's Swimwear)

Bella Donna is empowering women through high quality swimwear that is filling a void in the swimwear market. Bella Donna wants swimwear to be part of embracing your body and embracing your life.

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 9.52.43 PM.png

Sam LaCasse: Wrap-n-Snaps (Kid's Customizable Bracelets) 

Personalized, fun, and functional is what Wraps -n- Snaps is accomplishing with their product for kids. The bracelet provide anything from a child’s medical information to their favorite sport.


Jesse Martinek: Vacayrx (Vacation Rental Platform)

Vacayrx wants to make a better platform for property owners to rent their homes. With the goal of more personal travel experiences, Vacayrx will make the process more functional and transparent.


Matt Wan: Momentous (Nutritional Supplements)

Momentous is dedicated to engineering perfect performance products. Nutritional supplements should be easy to understand and buy and Momentous will do just that while being fully driven by science and grounded in experience.

Matt Wan.jpeg


Max Ludington: Loyale (Craft Beer App)

Max Ludington has created a way to connect the avenues of craft beer and bring them right into your hands with Loyale.

Max Ludington.jpg


Ciela Wynter: Joan of Sparc (Wellbeing Multimedia Resource)

Joan of Sparc is creating a bridge connecting ancient wisdom and modern technology. With wellbeing as the ultimate goal, Ciela Wynter is interested in redefining what it means to receive help from the Self.