Pirate Ship becomes platinum level Silicon Couloir sponsor

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Silicon Couloir is announcing a new partnership with Pirate Ship as their top corporate sponsor. Based in Jackson Hole, Pirate Ship is the national leader in free shipping software, helping hundreds of thousands of small e-commerce businesses across the country access the cheapest shipping rates for the United States Postal Service®.

“Silicon Couloir’s leadership is driving Wyoming’s transition to a modern economy, and we’re excited to support their work to create the next generation of rural entrepreneurs,” said Cap’n Bjorn Borstelmann, CEO of Pirate Ship. “In our lifetimes we’ll see e-commerce take over the majority of retail sales, and small businesses like the ones Silicon Couloir supports are on the cutting edge of that growth.”

"We are incredibly excited that Pirate Ship has chosen to give back by supporting Silicon Couloir and our mission", said Gary Trauner, Silicon Couloir's new Executive Director. "Pirate Ship has participated in a broad range of Silicon Couloir programs, including Chance Meetings, Pitch Day and our TEAMS mentoring program. They clearly recognize the value and support our organization provides to entrepreneurs and growing businesses in the Tetons Region and Wyoming. They are a great example of how to succeed in the rural economy."

Pirate Ship’s free shipping software levels the playing field for new businesses by offering up to 90% off Priority Mail® shipping rates with no monthly fees or hidden costs. With a combination of increasing broadband internet access, advances in easy-to-use e-commerce software, and affordable shipping services from the United States Postal Service, rural economies are starting to wake up and benefit from the global marketplace.

“I was born in Wyoming, so I’ve seen all my life how creative and hardworking we are here,” explains Bjorn. “What’s great about e-commerce is you can take your entrepreneurial spirit and unleash it. Silicon Couloir is building the community and infrastructure that Wyoming needs to become the top state for modern internet-based businesses.

About Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship believes it should be fun & free to buy USPS-approved postage at the cheapest rates available. That’s why Pirate Ship has offered free shipping software to help save y’er booty since 2014, with absolutely no markup, hidden costs, or monthly fees. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses use Pirate Ship’s fast & modern shipping software to quickly ship their e-commerce orders. So why are you still reading this press release, matey? Come aboard and make your shipping cheap-ARRrrr at www.pirateship.com.