May Newsletter: Wyoming Blockchain Task Force-Progress and Innovations



MAY 6, 2019 - 5-7 pm @ The Rose (50 West Broadway)

Sometimes all you need is the right connection and a little inspiration. Well, what are you waiting for? Come find both at our free monthly networking event. You never know...

Theme: Wyoming Blockchain Taskforce- Progress and Innovations

Silicon Couloir and the Jackson Hole Blockchain Meetup present a special Chance Meeting on Monday, May 6th focused on Wyoming’s innovations in the blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces. We will discuss Wyoming’s recent blockchain legislation and have guests from the Wyoming Blockchain Task Force on hand to describe Wyoming’s strategy and answer any questions. 

Wyoming is leading the nation with innovative blockchain legislation. Thanks to the efforts of the Wyoming Blockchain Task Force and our state government, Wyoming has now enacted a total of 13 blockchain-enabling laws, making it the only US state to provide a comprehensive, welcoming legal framework that enables blockchain technology to flourish, both for individuals and companies. 

The changes that our lawmakers have recently passed or introduced as bills include defining three categories of digital assets and treating them as property; granting assets designated as virtual currencies the same legal status as money; authorizing banks to hold digital assets in custody; allowing corporations to issue certificate tokens that represent shares; and creating a regulatory fintech sandbox aimed at further diminishing any regulatory hurdles to industry startups. 

Check out this article by Caitlin Long describing Wyoming’s 13 new blockchain laws: 
Great pre-reading for the meeting!



Celebration Planned for May 9th

Last fall, Silicon Couloir established a physical location with the acquisition of Spark JH, recently namedas one of the top 50 cowork spaces in the country. Silicon Couloir has found ownership of Spark to be a perfect compliment to its programs and services. Since the acquisition, staff and board have been planning the integration of the space under the Silicon Couloir umbrella. In early May, you will notice a change of signage from Spark to The Cowork Space. As part of a larger Silicon Couloir website upgrade, The Spark site will be integrated into the Silicon Couloir site with features such as online signup, membership payment, and conference room reservations.

In an effort to provide a world-class workspace for members, significant upgrades have recently been made to the conference room. The square footage has been increased by 40%, and the room is now soundproof. A 55" flat-screen TV and Polycom SoundStation have been added to improve teleconferencing. More upgrades are in the works to make the space as professional, efficient and welcoming as possible.

Please join us on Thursday, May 9th from 5-7 pm for a community-wide rebranding celebration at The Cowork Space located at 140 East Broadway, Suite 25. If you haven't met our new ED, Gary Trauner, this is a great opportunity to speak with him about his vision for the direction of Silicon Couloir. If you are considering becoming a member, this is a perfect opportunity to tour the space. Submit your name at the event for a drawing of a free monthly membership and 3 free day use passes.


In conjunction with The Cowork Space rebrand, Silicon Couloir is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new organization-wide website, which is more integrated and easier to navigate. Silicon Couloir participants will appreciate the clear delineation of programs for entrepreneurs, volunteers, and supporters.

"As the organization evolves with more programs and services, it's crucial that our website provide clear avenues for the public to engage with Silicon Couloir weather you are an entrepreneur, an investor or volunteer, " says Marketing and Program Coordinator Rebecca Reimers. "Silicon Couloir has grown significantly in the past few years, and our new website reflects the expansion.”


Entrepreneur Care and Feeding: 
Get a Good Night's Sleep

27% of U.S. adults said they had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep most nights. 68%- or an estimated 164 million Americans- struggled with sleep at least once a week, according to a recent Consumer Reports survey. Americans are expected to spend $52 billion on sleep aids by 2020. (

The consequences of not getting enough sleep are numerous; from the short-term effects of irritability and lack of focus to the long-term increased risk of many chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, depression, and Alzheimer's. 

Many people wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time falling back asleep.  Join Martha Lewis, certified sleep consultant and creator of the Complete Sleep Solution, on June 12th from 12-1 at The Cowork Space (140 East Broadway, Suite 25) to learn the 3 mistakes that many people make in the middle of the night that actually keep them awake. Correct these mistakes and you will be able to fall back asleep quicker at night so you get more sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy the next day. 

In this Lunch and Learn presentation, you will:

  • Identify the 3 things that are sabotaging your sleep

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  • Discover the #1 thing you can do to get a good night’s sleep

To register, please send an email to



We are pleased to announce that HUB International is a new Silicon Couloir sponsor at the community caretaker level. We are so appreciative of Hub International's support and strong work for our entrepreneurial community. 

HUB is a global brokerage that puts you at the center of everything we do. Our reach and resources mean you have the insurance you need when you need it – and before you know you need it. HUB provides complete protection: property, casualty, life and health insurance products; employee benefits and business risk management; and wealth management products and services. When you work with HUB, you’re working with a team of experts dedicated to helping you understand your risks and manage all of your insurance requirements.

 Beyond Efficiency Hiring Operations Manager

Seeking an exceptionally organized and resourceful administrative professional with 4+ years relevant post-academic experience to join our fast-paced team in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming office. A key goal of this role is to allow the Principal and technical staff to focus primarily on strategic planning, business development, and technical project work.

You’re high-energy, confident and ready to hit the ground running with our entrepreneurially-minded firm that’s gearing up to do great things as we launch into our second decade of business. You are skilled in human resources (HR) and performance management, business compliance, database administration, and events coordination. You thrive on juggling a wide variety of responsibilities and are always two steps ahead—anticipating needs and adjusting priorities when required. While you’re comfortable with the daily requirements of helping a small company run smoothly, you’re also excited to think strategically and help move us forward with new ideas.

To apply for this opportunity, please apply directly through the jobs page on our website at


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