April 1st Chance Meetings: A-Player Hiring with Bill Watkins



APRIL 1, 2019 - 5-7 pm @ The Rose (50 West Broadway)

Sometimes all you need is the right connection and a little inspiration. Well, what are you waiting for? Come find both at our free monthly networking event. You never know...

Theme: A-Player Hiring with Bill Watkins

What keeps leaders like you up at night? Recruiting and hiring for one. I call it the “Wrong Hire Financial Impact.” A mis-hire costs your company a minimum of 5X the base annual salary. Some think it might be as much as 40x. Think about it. A whiff on a $50k employee is at least a $250k mistake...a whiff on a $200k senior exec is at least a $1M mistake.

Leaders like you struggle every day with finding, recruiting, hiring, and retaining high-talent, high-performing, and high-impact key executives, managers, and employees. I mean the team members who make the news, not just report the news.

To help you, I’ve developed a quick, simple-to-learn, easy-to-implement, proprietary framework, the A-­Player Hiring Toolkit®. It’s a rigorous hiring process you and your staff can learn and master once and then, use years into your future

The A-Player Hiring Toolkit builds off of what Billy Beane did with the Oakland Athletics baseball team. He moved away from using largely subjective means of assessing talent and making recruiting decisions to more objective, fact and empirical data-based means. He identified and acquired top talent looking for traits, experience, accomplishments, and information overlooked by traditional recruiting and assessment methods.

Join us on Monday, April 1st to learn more about hiring the right way! 

About Bill Watkins:
Hey there, I’m Bill Watkins,  West Point Graduate, decorated Army officer, 10x Acceleration Expert, husband, Dad, mountaineer, wilderness adventurer and founder of The Lions Pride. In  the Pride, high talent, high-performing, already successful small business CEOs and Founders, learn carefully-curated, world-class knowledge and master real world, tried-and-true, proven tools that cut to the chase, accelerate results at a 10X pace, and add to the bottom line at work and create a best-ever life at home, at the same time.


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Says the University of Wyoming Entrepreneur in Residence Peter Scott (pscott5@uwyo.edu), "The best way to take the course is to focus on a funding effort to put the principals to work on a real-world example. If you are raising capital, I would be happy to mentor you through the 7 weeks. If enough Wyo Entrepreneurs sign up for the course I will setup up “office hours” one day a week. We could discuss the topics in the course and answer questions you may have."

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