Wyoming Wild Raw Launches Kiva Crowdfunding Campaign

Nicole Walker loves animals and is “passionate about people, land, food, critters and how they intersect in our lives.”  Armed with a Bachelors in Animal Science Ag and training from the Start-Up Intensive, she founded Wyoming Wild Raw, (WWR)  a raw pet food company that partners with existing Wyoming meat processors to collect and utilize the 50% of each processed animal that is normally discarded to landfills.

Not only does WWR provide delicious,  nutritious, small-batch,  pathogen-tested, customizable pet food, their model also addresses both social and environmental concerns.  Partnering with local processors helps to extend the workers’ season and keeps investment in the valley. By systematically standardizing wild game processing, WWR is efficiently and affordably addresses disease risks, including CWD for multiple community stakeholders. Walker envisions removing the processing bottleneck currently hindering Wyoming's livestock producers from selling products. To further support the economy and environment, 10% of product proceeds will go towards CWD research and impact mitigation.


WWR is “the only choice for the socially and environmentally conscious pet owner concerned about industrial agriculture’s negative impacts and health concerns around massive recalls from mega manufacturers,” says Walker. “We are currently the sole company in the world with written permission to offer legally harvested wild bison & pronghorn for pet consumption. Because we can track from ear tag or hunt tag to the end user,  we can prove where our products come from.”



Currently, WWR is participating in a  Kiva crowdfunding campaign. Money raised will pay local producers fair prices for livestock inventory and employ local processors to begin production of product. Over six weeks, three founder’s boxes will be delivered to your door. Boxes will include antelope, bison, and Double J Ranch beef formulated using the “Whole Prey Model”.


WWR is also seeking an investor who values a company with social/environmental benefits, believes in startups and is willing to stay the course and grow with us as we scale into to the greater Teton region and beyond.

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