That's a Wrap! Pitch Day 2018 Winners

Thank you to everyone who came out to support six entrepreneurs from our Teton regional community! This year's winners are:

Panelist Choice Award: $5,000

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This award is given by our experienced judges to the company with (1) the most compelling business idea, (2) the best chance for business success, (3) the highest likelihood of getting funded, and (4) the strongest presentation.

Greta Eagan: Beauty Scripts

Audience Choice Award: $2500
This award is given to the company who “wows” the audience with their presentation.

Irene Griswold-Prenner: Nitrome Bioscience

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The Bob Arndt Community Caretaker Award:
Invitation to join Silicon Couloir's TEAMS Program

The Bob Arndt Community Caretaker Award is presented to that entrepreneur or venture whose person/ team and company best embodies the core values and mission of Silicon Couloir, which is to align entrepreneurship with community vision to promote a diverse economy and healthy environment for current and future generations.

Ik’splôr: Kailey Gieck and Karissa Akin

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To learn more, click here for the Pitch Day Program, complete with
Entrepreneur Executive Summaries, Contact Info, and Panelist Bios


This was Silicon Couloir’s 7th Annual Pitch Day. Six local entrepreneurs presented their companies to an audience of 200 people, including many accredited investors. In addition to the winning entrepreneurs listed above, the following entrepreneurs also shared their innovative companies with the audience: Bob Fuziak - Arms Reach Essentials, Ian McIver - Job Applix, and Story Clark - TravelStorys GPS

Thank you to our great panel of judges: Colin Corgan, Debby Hopkins, Sheryl Marshall, Shannon Miles, and Chris Wooley!

Prior to Pitch Day, each presenter received three coaching sessions with a panel of entrepreneurs and business leaders.  Thank you to our amazing volunteer coaches: Breck Kling, Gordon Finnegan, Liza Millet, Will Morrow, Len Purkis, Lisa Price, Nathan Adams, and Bryan Kujawski!

Interested in pitching your company? Stay tuned to to learn about the application period for Pitch Day 2019 and all of our programs to support entrepreneurs and foster the entrepreneurial community in the Teton region.



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