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BELAY | How to Staff Up for a Busy Season

By Bryan Miles

They say it takes a village … but what if you don’t have a village (except for Teton Village) – or at least not yet?

Until recently, a staff ‘village’ was a huge line item for most business owners, and one so cost-prohibitive that small business owners and solopreneurs couldn’t conceive of hiring the employees necessary to staff appropriately and adequately.

But that was then. Virtual employees are now.

According to Global Workplace Analytics, approximately 50 percent of the U.S. workforce holds a job that is compatible with at least partial telework, and approximately 20 - 25 percent of the workforce teleworks in some capacity. So if you haven’t considered virtual staffing, you may be missing out on unimaginable opportunities to maximize your organization’s optimal potential.

Even in beautiful Western Wyoming … a virtual staffing model can help you can fill your gaps, especially when there’s no guarantee that interns or seasonal employees will stick around once the project or busy season ends. Further, why continue to invest your time and energy training – and then – retraining people for the same position when a virtual staffing model can offer consistency and – arguably more importantly – peace of mind?

Because seriously, unless you enjoy the juggling act of countless to-dos, tasks, projects, and a revolving door of personnel, a virtual staff could be the cure for all – sure, most – that ails you.

Still not convinced that virtual staffing is right for you? Consider these five benefits of virtual staffing.

1.     Retention: Any business owner worth their salt knows the inherent challenges of effective recruiting and retaining. Finding qualified employees, training them and then keeping them can be a huge expense, but a well-trained virtual employee can alleviate these concerns with consistent, reliable and experienced service. And BONUS! Having a virtual staff allows you to easily scale your workforce based on your business needs for continuous growth or in order to accommodate a busy season.

2.     Increased Efficiency: A virtual staff enables companies – and this is critical – of any size to remain competitive as not only can you allocate your time and energy to do what you love most – growing and nurturing your business – but also serves to eliminate time wasted on onboarding, training and managing new IRL employees, only to potentially lose them to the end of a busy season or to turnover.

3.     Automation: The future is now, you guys. There are a host of businesses, websites and applications that serve to automate consistent and replicable tasks that are otherwise performed manually. THINK: Payroll. Time management. Onboarding and recruitment. Benefits. Evaluations. Tax documents. And more. This enables tasks both big and small to be completed in seconds rather than minutes, hours or even weeks – and often with higher quality results.

4.     Increased Focus: Your lower payoff activities are usually the most time-consuming tasks (think data entry or reconciling bank statements), but they are an inevitable part of owning and running any business. But these duties are likely not the most efficient use of your time. Use a virtual specialists instead – THINK: BELAY bookkeepers, virtual assistants, content writers and webmasters – could help shoulder those tasks so you can get back to (your) business.

5.     Affordable: One of the biggest investments for a business is in its employees. From hourly costs, to state and federal taxes, to benefits, and overhead, your workforce is a huge line item. But hiring a remote staff can reduce these expenses considerably and ultimately make your organization more efficient and profitable.

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