Our Programs


Chance Meetings

Open to all for free! 

We believe that great things don’t happen in a vacuum, and we encourage everyone to venture out to network once a month at Chance Meetings. This is an informative, casual, fun networking event that takes place the first Monday of every month from 5 – 7pm at The Rose (50 W Broadway Ave. in Jackson). Have an idea? Have a question? Experience to share? Looking for like-minded people? We average 65 – 85 attendees, with new faces in the audience each month. Content ranges from panel discussions to speed networking. Everyone is welcome. Show up, bring ideas, ask questions! See our schedule here.

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Pitch Day

This annual event at the Center for the Arts in Jackson, Wyoming, features a handful of local entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to a panel of experienced investors, and a general audience of over 200 people. This event supports the need of local start-ups and early stage entrepreneurs to take their ideas to the next level, and gain valuable experience from the effort. Join us to learn from:  

Meet the Six Pitch Day Finalists:

  1. Sarah Jorgensen, Bella Donna
  2. Sam LaCasse, Wrap n Snaps
  3. Jesse Martinek, Vacay RX
  4. Max Ludington, Loyale
  5. Ciela Wynter, Joan of Sparc (pre-launch)
  6. Matt Wan, Momentous (pre-launch)

Join us on August 10, 2017!

Angel Group

The Silicon Couloir Angel Group is an invite only group of accredited local investors that meet roughly once a month to hear investment pitches from qualified entrepreneurs. From seed stage to later stage, presenting companies are selected to pitch for investment and mentorship. If you are an accredited investors looking for deals, please contact us for more information on joining the group.  If you are a company wishing to present, please also reach out.

Leadership Intensive

The Leadership Intensive is also offered in partnership with Central Wyoming College. The goal and purpose of the Leadership Intensive is to promote and create a greater depth of leadership capacity within the individuals, teams and organizations of our Teton community. The intensive offers interested and selected participants the opportunity to study specific concepts of leadership that enhances both their present positions and offer new perspectives toward development in their personal lives. The course format offers leadership theories and models while being highly experiential allowing participants the opportunity to put theory into direct practice. 


Leadercast is on a journey of growth and development. The vision is to see a world filled with leaders worth following. The desire is to serve you on your journey to becoming those leaders. To that end, we present the Leadercast Journey.

Start-Up Intensive

Want to refine your business idea or existing business? Willing to immerse yourself? The Start Up Intensive is offered in partnership with Central Wyoming College. This is a 10 week intensive business boot camp taught by the former Assistant Dean of the Harvard Kennedy School. The course provides a transformational, top tier experience.

Business Micro-Intensive

Silicon Couloir and Spark JH have teamed up to create the Business Micro Intensive (BMI) program. BMI takes big issues and topics business owners face and breaks them into sessions where each seminar will give participants hands-on training , with actionable steps to be taken in their own businesses. This will truly be a roll up your sleeves experience.

Teton Entrpreneurs and Mentors Service (TEAMS)

Silicon Couloir's TEAMS, based on the MIT VMS Model, connects experienced entrepreneurs and high-level executives with non-tourism oriented business owners and entrepreneurs. The program aims to align entrepreneurship with community vision. We believe that structured, unbiased, ongoing, and direct personal support of local business owners is key to their long-term success. 

A small pilot mentoring program featuring targeted mentors and mentees will be launched in early 2018, with the goal of implementing a full mentoring program in mid 2018.