Aligning Entrepreneurship with Community Vision


Silicon Couloir aligns entrepreneurship with community vision to promote a diverse economy and a healthy environment for current and future generations.

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Silicon Couloir is a 501c3 non-profit organization, grown from a need to connect aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs with the resources they need to succeed. This includes intellectual capital, human capital, financial capital, mentoring, consulting, moral support, shared work space, service providers, collaborators, partners, etc.

Our Teton regional community has an over-educated workforce, housing challenges, and a highly seasonal tourist economy. Technology now enables businesses to launch and be headquartered locally while serving a global customer base. We believe the best way to create sustainable jobs is to support entrepreneurs who create sustainable companies. Our community is as rich in intellect, and experience, as it is in ambition. We believe great things can happen when the right people connect and ask questions.

“What is honored in a community will be cultivated there” – Plato


Taking Action: We value the Teton-forged spirit of adventure, grit, and determination that builds a foundation for taking calculated risks to achieve impactful and aspirational goals.

Community Caretaking: We value and fuel the growing culture of leadership, participation, collaboration, and citizenship that inspires and enriches our tight knit, welcoming mountain-town community.

Entrepreneur Empowerment: We value personal connections that allow for sharing knowledge, experience, and inspiration while also helping build entrepreneurial self-confidence and a clear path toward an envisioned future.

World-Class Effort: We value the focus and discipline to grow, improve, and put forth monumental effort in everything we do as a model for business pioneers.

Fun: We value laughter, good times, and the close relationships born from both.

Thank you to the Community Caretakers who support our efforts