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Silicon Couloir strengthens our community by connecting, educating and supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem and its members. We nurture and hold space for the emerging class of business pioneers in the Tetons.

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Silicon Couloir is a non-profit organization, grown from a need to connect aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs with the resources that they need to succeed. This includes intellectual capital, human capital, financial capital, mentoring, consulting, moral support, shared work space, service providers, collaborators, partners, etc.

Teton County has an over-educated workforce, a shortage of workforce housing, and a highly seasonal tourist economy. Technology now enables businesses to launch and be headquartered locally while serving a global customer base. We believe that the best way to create sustainable jobs is to support entrepreneurs who create sustainable companies. Our valley is as rich in intellect and experience as it is in ambition, and we believe that great things can happen when the right people connect and ask questions.

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